16. Apr 2017


Andreas Raelert ranks fifth at the Cannes Triathlon

Solid first race of the new season at the French coast – Positive emotions after the inaugural competition in 2017 – Sebastian Kienle impresses on the bike course

Cannes. Andreas Raelert started into the new season with a solid result. At the Cannes International Triathlon, the Rostockian finished in fifth place this Sunday. "No doubt, I had hoped for more today," said Andreas Raelert after the race, "unfortunately I lost contact to the top group too early, and I couldn’t make it to the leaders anymore." Andreas Raelert finished the race including a 2 kilometer swim leg, a 95 kilometer bike ride and a 16 kilometer run in fifth after 4:02:09 hours. The competition was won by Germany’s Sebastian Kienle who finished in 3:53:33 hours ahead of the two Frenchman Leo Bergére (3:59:36 hours) and defending champion Etienne Diemunsch (4:00:42 hours). "Sebastian was able to show an extremely strong and courageous race today," said Andreas Raelert, "on the bike he was in another league."

During the swim, Andreas Raelert unexpectedly lost time at an early stage of the race. "The start into the competition was not perfect today," he said. "I was not racing aggressively enough right after the start, and unfortunately I went off-course for some moments." Andreas Raelert missed the top group including Maurice Clavel from Germany and the two strong Frenchmen Etienne Diemunsch and Leo Bergére. Robin Pasteur from France led the lead group out of the water in 23:42 minutes. "The gap to the front was too big," said Andreas Raelert self-critically. Finally, he was leading the chase group towards transition in ninth place. Andreas Raelert completed the swim course of 2 kilometers in 26:26 minutes.

Sebastian Kienle came out of the water a few seconds later than Andreas Raelert and immediately attacked on the bike – and he was able to put several minutes on his pursuers during the very challenging ride through the Alpes-Maritimes. "Sebastian was really offensive," said Andreas Raelert later, "he took a high risk on the bike, and he was rewarded with the title." In 2:29:49 hours, Sebastian Kienle put the best split on the 95 kilometer course including 1500 meters of climbing and some technically difficult passages.

In 2:38:57 hours, Andreas Raelert managed the bike course in the fifth-fastest time of the day. "I did not want to take too much risk on the bike," said Andreas Raelert after the race. "It was important for me to have a good start into the season here in Cannes and I wanted to have a first really hard test of my form here for the next big tasks." Some decisive milestones on his way to the Ironman Hawaii should follow in May.

Andreas Raelert's form is promising, he showed that during the 16 kilometer run. He had the second-fastest run in 52:05 minutes, and he was pushing his pace especially in the final part of the race. "This is a positive signal that the foundation of my training is okay," said Andreas Raelert. He left the Côte d'Azur with positive emotions, because the form test in Cannes has shown an upward trend.


photo: Cannes International Triathlon
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