18. Aug 2016


Andreas Raelert: With positive thoughts to Copenhagen

Comeback at the Ironman Copenhagen this Sunday – First competition after a careful start into training – World Championship in Hawaii is the ultimate goal

Rostock. Andreas Raelert heads into the Ironman Copenhagen with positive thoughts and a lot of excitement.

After he suffered a stress fracture in his left thigh bone this spring, the Ironman race in Denmark’s capital will be the first competition for Andreas Raelert. "Sunday will be an important day for me," says Andreas Raelert, "and it will be a challenge. After the long break, the race in Copenhagen will be a real yardstick."

Andreas Raelert wants to make his way to the Ironman Hawaii through Copenhagen. According to the rules of Ironman, the reigning vice world champion has to finish an Ironman to fulfill his qualification for the World Championship held on October 8th in Kailua-Kona. Thanks to his success at the 2015 Ironman World Championship, Andreas Raelert has earned enough points to be among the best athletes in the Kona Pro Ranking. He wants to make the mandatory Ironman finish in Copenhagen this Sunday.


In recent weeks, Andreas Raelert worked very carefully for his comeback event in Copenhagen. "It was a long and difficult road," says Andreas Raelert, "I am very grateful that I am allowed to give it a shot in Copenhagen now." On the one hand, he wants to make his mandatory Ironman finish in Copenhagen according to the rules of Ironman. On the other hand, Andreas Raelert wants to find out, at which point he is on his way back. "I want to be at the start line of the Ironman Hawaii on October 8th in a race-ready shape."

This Sunday, Andreas Raelert faces a strong professional field in Copenhagen. The line-up includes some well-known names. Among others there is Horst Reichel from Germany racing besides the New Zealander Cameron Brown, Norway’s Gudmund Snilstveit, Igor Amorelli and Fabio Carvalho from Brazil just as the two British Harry Wiltshire and Will Clarke or Anton Blokhin from Belarus and Denmark’s Esben Hovgaard. "Of course I do have a look at the other professional athletes," says Andreas Raelert, "but my main goal is to personally have a positive race. Everything else will come up by itself then."

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