19. Aug 2014

Ironman North American Championship

Andreas Raelert ranks third in Mont-Tremblant

Rostockian has a tough day at the Ironman North American Championship  – Energetic deficit during the marathon – Congratulations to winner TJ Tollakson

Mont-Tremblant. Andreas Raelert has taken third place at the Ironman North American Championship Mont-Tremblant, Canada. The Rostockian rounded up the podium behind U.S. American TJ Tollakson, who won the race in 8:16:17 hours, and Daniel Halksworth (8:35:15) from Great Britain. Andreas Raelert took the bronze medal in 8:38:31 hours. "It was not the race I had hoped to be able to show", said Andreas Raelert after the competition in the Province of Quebec, "I warmly congratulate TJ. He has been able to celebrate a great success here."

During the swim in Lake Tremblant, Andreas Raelert was part of the leading group from the beginning. When co-favorite Daniel Halksworth led the field out of the water in 49:37 minutes he was only a second in front of the German. "The start of the race was absolutely fine," said Andreas Raelert. After leaving T1 he set the pace on the bike together with the strong cyclist TJ Tollakson. "Overall, there were some really good points in my race. That makes me think positive. Unfortunately, my nutrition strategy did not work out today," explained Andreas Raelert later. He came off the bike in runner-up position behind TJ Tollakson after 4:34:38 ​​hours, but he already felt an energy deficit coming up. During the marathon, these problems became a serious issue:  “Between km 10 and 35 there was a real lack of energy”, said Andreas Raelert. He tried to get this deficit under control and had to fight hard. Despite this handicap he kept second place for a long time, until Daniel Halksworth could eventually take over runner-up position. Andreas Raelert ran into third place with a marathon split of 3:08:59 hours. He was not able to show his normal running strength which he had already shown this season despite an injury-related lack of training.

"It is a great pity that it has not worked out for me today," said Andreas Raelert, who had started confidently into the Ironman North American Championship. "You put all the focus on race day, but you really cannot plan an Ironman. It was a tough day, physically and especial mentally." Despite he feels deeply disappointed, Andreas Raelert noticed a move into the right direction in Mont-Tremblant which is very positive. “After a long time-out you need more time than you want to get back to your usual performance level and to improve,” said Andreas Raelert. In the next days the Rostockian wants to take a short rest after the race in Mont-Tremblant and then tackle the further planning of the season.









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