7. Jul 2015

European Championship

Andy ranks sixth at the Ironman Frankfurt

Hard battle and tough conditions at the European Championship – Coming from too far behind after the swim – Congrats to winner Jan Frodeno

Frankfurt. In 8:09:53 hours, Andreas Raelert ranked sixth at the Ironman European Championship this Sunday in Frankfurt. At temperatures close to the 40-degree Celsius mark the Rostockian was racing strong, but at the end of the day he was not completely satisfied with the outcome. "I would have loved to fight for a spot on the podium here," said Andreas Raelert after the race, "that was my goal – and I did what I could for that goal. But unfortunately, I have been too far away from the top too early." Jan Frodeno won the Ironman European Championship race in 7:49:48 hours and thus set a new course record. Second place went to last year's winner Sebastian Kienle in 8:01:39 hours ahead of Andreas Böcherer (8:03:49 hours). "Especially Jan delivered a sensational race here, he has shown a stunning performance," said Andreas Raelert.

Andreas Raelert had a good start into the swim in the Lake Langener Waldsee. He was part of the lead group next to Jan Frodeno. However, after some hundreds of meters he suffered a panic attack and had to take a break until he was able to continue to swim again. Unfortunately, Andreas Raelert was dropped significantly due this issue. "It was absolutely annoying," he said afterwards, "the swim was a real key today, and I was in a very good position when it happened."

Jan Frodeno finished the swim in first place after 46:02 minutes while Andreas Raelert was twelfth’ man out of the water in 49:58 minutes and much further behind than he had planned before. Due to this, Andreas then went onto the bike course in an “isolated” position. In 4:24:05 hours, he managed a split which was not too bad, but he was still in eighth place when he started into the run. "Jan realized an outstanding bike split," said Andreas Raelert. Jan Frodeno clocked a course record in 4:08:44 hours.

With a disadvantage of 18:49 minutes, Andreas Raelert started into the marathon. "The heat was extreme, but I still tried to make pressure.” Andreas Raelert had a first half marathon of less than 1:21 hours and eventually ran into sixth place which he secured with the second-best marathon in 2:52:06.

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