12. Mar 2017


Michael Raelert finishes Ironman 70.3 Subic Bay frustrated

Seventh place after a penalty on the bike – “Extremely disappointed with the outcome of the race” – Swiss Ruedi Wild takes the win at the event in the Philippines

Subic Bay. Michael Raelert discovered a totally different race than he had hoped for at the Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 Subic Bay. A time penalty on the bike hold off the Rostockian from his dream to take the win at the first edition of the competition in the Philippines. Finally, Swiss Ruedi Wild made his way into first place in 3:48:24 hours ahead of the two Australians Craig Alexander (3:48:57 hours) and Tim Reed, who crossed the finish line after 3:50:17 hours. Michael Raelert was listed in the official timing results with a fourth-place finish in 3:51:17 hours, but in fact he reached the finish line in 3:56:17 hours and became seventh.

This little bit of a confusion about the results eventually matched the competition of Michael Raelert. "I am just frustrated," he said after crossing the finish line in Subic Bay, "I'm extremely disappointed with the race." Due to a penalty for drafting, his plans for the title ended early. After the swim he had been in an excellent position in 23:25 minutes: He came out of the water three seconds behind the fastest swimmer Samuel Melle Betten from Australia in third place.

On the bike, another Australian attacked early. Jake Montgomery moved to the front to put the fastest bike split on track in 2:05:40 hours, meanwhile Michael Raelert took over a promising position in the first chase group. On the first 50 kilometers this group was only up to a maximum of 90 seconds behind the weaker runner Montgomery. "Tim Reed and I wanted to break away from the group then," Michael Raelert later described the situation when he saw a blue card for drafting. He already knew at that point of the race that he would have to undergo a five-minute penalty in T2. "I didn’t understand that card at all," said Michael Raelert later full of disappointment about a penalty which came up as a complete surprise for him.

In 2:07:12 hours, Michael Raelert finished the bike course in third place. He was 1:24 minutes behind Jake Montgomery and three seconds behind Germany’s Johannes Moldan. Although the Rostockian managed a fast transition, he had to wait five minutes before starting into the run. "The race was over," said Michael Raelert. He ran the half marathon in 1:17:38 hours, but he was already focusing his next goals. "I have to forget about this competition," he explained in Subic Bay. Michael Raelert wants to bring up much more positive results soon.

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