26. Sep 2016


Raelert-Brothers take off on a double mission

Andreas Raelert is ready for departure to the Ironman World Championship – Michael Raelert plans his comeback after a long break at the Ironman 70.3 Miami

Rostock. The Raelert-Brothers take off on a double mission in October. Shortly before leaving Germany to Hawaii, Andreas Raelert thinks optimistic about participating at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona while Michael Raelert is looking forward to his comeback. "The long term of waiting is finally over," says Michael Raelert. He would have loved it to be at the start line together with his brother on October 8th in Hawaii. "Unfortunately, this year turned out completely different compared to my plans," says Michael Raelert. Due to a re-infection of the Epstein-Barr virus, Michael Raelert had to stop with his training for a longer time. "Now I am very grateful and happy that I can enter competition stage again."

On Sunday, October 23rd Michael Raelert will start at the Ironman 70.3 Miami. "I think this is a good race for a comeback," says Michael Raelert after winning in Miami in the past two years. "It’s a big question if I can celebrate a hat-tric in Miami,” says Michael Raelert, "of course this would be very nice, but it is my first race after a long break." Similar to recent years, Michael Raelert expects a pretty fast competition in all of the three disciplines on the fast course in Miami. "There will be a lot of pressure right from the beginning like it has always been in the past," says Michael Raelert, and he is really looking forward to this challenge. "Of course I missed a lot of race practice, but I hope that I’m well enough trained for the competition."


In September, the 36-year-old has been in a training camp at the Lake Chiemsee in South of Germany, and finally he trained on home soil in Rostock for his comeback in Miami. "My shape seems to be good already," says Michael Raelert, "I hope I can still improve a bit until race day."

Two weeks before he is making his comeback race, Michael Raelert will keep his fingers crossed on October 8th for his brother Andreas. It’s the day of Andreas Raelert’s eighth start at the Ironman World Championship within eight years, and Andreas Raelert wants to highlight a season including tough challenges with a positive race in Hawaii. "I am confident that this can be a good race for me," says the reigning Ironman vice world champion.


Andreas Raelert had to take a long break due to a stress fracture of the femur. In August he returned to competition ensuring his qualification for Kailua-Kona at the Ironman Copenhagen. Since he raced in Denmark’s capital, Andreas Raelert has worked very specifically for the Ironman Hawaii. "It was a very intense and good time," says Andreas Raelert. He could achieve good training results in all disciplines. Shortly before his departure to Hawaii, he is optimistic about the big goal. "I would be very happy if I’m able to fight for the podium in Hawaii," says Andreas Raelert, "this is my focus, and I want to give anything I can on October 8th." 


©picture: Sebastian_Kuhn/drehmomente.de

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