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8. Oct 2014

Raelerts power meter


power2max cycle power meters for road bikes and MTBs measure precisely and always reliably the power output on your bike.

Since 2009 the power2max team develops and produces its cycle power meters in Germany,

with the PASSION for cycling,

the VISION of technical perfection,

and the MISSION to offer high quality power meters to cyclists and triathletes.


power2max power meters are:

simlpe2use: switch on, start to pedal and it simply works;

build2resist: reliable data under all weather conditions and 100% waterproof with an in-built temperature compensation;

±2% precise: power2max power meters achieve accuracy of ±2% or better including all environmental influences.



The Movistar Team, number one in the World Tour Ranking, and Germany’s best triathletes proof: With power2max power meters racing successfully is not a matter of coincidence, but pure purpose.


Andreas and Michael, powered by power2max, are training and racing with a power2max Type S Rotor 3D power meter.

power2max is happy to have the Raelert Brothers “on board”: Go Andreas! Go Michael!





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