17. Feb 2017


Michael Raelert starts into the first race of the season

2017 kick-off competition for the Raelert-Brothers this Sunday in Thailand – Form check in Bangkok – From training camp in Phuket to the Bangsaen Triathlon

Bangkok. On Sunday, the Raelert-Brothers start into the competition season 2017. As part of his training camp in Thailand, Michael Raelert will compete at the 2017 Toyota Bangsaen Triathlon in Bangkok. The race over a distance of 1.5 kilometers of swimming, 75 kilometers of cycling and 15 kilometers of running belongs to the “Masters Series” of the Thailand Triathlon League. "This race is a first start, and I am very excited to embark on these first kilometers of competition right from the training," says Michael Raelert.

This year, Michael Raelert has decided to have a longer training stay in Thailand. He wants to lay the basis for the competition season here. "2017 is supposed to be a positive year right from the start," says the Rostockian. Michael Raelert has been training in Thailand for over two weeks now. "I am very positive, and I’m looking forward to my first form check on Sunday."

While his brother Andreas Raelert is working in Lanzarote for a good start into the season on April 16th at the Cannes International Triathlon, Michael Raelert feels comfortable with his stay at the Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort in Phuket. "I am satisfied with my current training," says Michael Raelert, "so, I am very happy about the invitation for this early race."

On Sunday, the first test under competition conditions awaits Michael Raelert. "First, I want to have a look at which level my fitness is," says Michael Raelert, "for sure, there will be some space to improve. But I think I can get a first good impression ​in this race ​where I am at the moment."

Andreas Raelert is working in Lanzarote to put in some important basic mileage before he will add some more speed quality in the next few weeks. In the middle of April, the first hard competition is scheduled in Cannes to open the way for a successful 2017 season. "At the moment, I can be satisfied with my form," says Andreas Raelert. 


Foto: AsiaTRI.COM
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