11. Aug 2017


Michael Raelert has to withdraw from Ironman Hamburg

Illness-related cancellation of the start – Feeling powerless due to an infection – Final tests in training confirmed an upcoming health issue – Looking forward to next goals

Hamburg. Shortly before the race, Michael Raelert had to withdraw from his start at the Ironman Hamburg due to illness. On Friday morning, the Rostockian had to cancel his plans to start this Sunday at the inaugural event in Hamburg due to an infection and had to tell this to the race organization. "I am completely frustrated," said Michael Raelert on Friday morning. "Even if I have made this decision myself, I can’t believe this at all. I would have loved to be a protagonist in the first edition of Ironman Hamburg. Hamburg means a lot to me as a city, which makes the decision even harder."


In the past few days, Michael Raelert had already felt physically exhausted. "It didn’t work out in training as it usually does," he said on Friday, "not a single session has been easy or normal." The feeling that an infection was coming up intensified going into the race weekend. "On Thursday morning, I felt feverish and powerless," explained Michael Raelert. Two final tests with some short training on the bike and on the run confirmed his feeling. "It’s just not possible," said Michael Raelert on Friday morning, "I can’t compete in an Ironman race with this health status."


Finally, the cancellation of his start at the Ironman Hamburg was decided for reasons of health. However, the reigning Ironman 70.3 European champion tries to look forward. "I hope that I can accept this decision in my head quickly," said Michael Raelert on Friday, "as soon as I have recovered physically, I want to attack again."

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