4. May 2016


Raelert-Brothers: Double-race-weekend ahead

Michael Raelert starts at the Ironman 70.3 North American Championship – Andreas Raelert heads into an Olympic-distance competition in Buschhütten

Rostock. The Raelert-Brothers start into a full race weekend. On Saturday, Michael Raelert will make his 2016 race debut at the Ironman 70.3 North American Pro Championship in St. George while his brother Andreas starts into one of Germany’s legendary Olympic-distance triathlon events in Buschhütten the day after. "That’s a very exciting doube-race-weekend for us," says Michael Raelert, "I hope that we’ll both show really good performances."

Especially Michael Raelert faces an outstanding field of athletes on Saturday in St. George. "The pro list is really impressive," says Michael Raelert, “the very first race of the year will be a good one to find out where I am." World-class athletes with great individual strengths are racing the Ironman 70.3 North American Pro Championship in Utah. "The guys next to me will make the race fast from the start. There are many complete athletes in the field, they are amazing in the water, great on the bike and extremely fast on the run", Michael Raelert sums up the talents of his competitors.

One of the fastest swimmers in the field should be Manuel Küng from Switzerland whereas 2014 Hawaii winner Sebastian Kienle is one of the world's best cyclists while Canadian Lionel Sanders is known as an excellent runner. Many more outstanding athletes are racing in St. George, too. For example American Tim O'Donnell, who ranked third in Kona last October, is as well in the field as his strong compatriots Ben Hoffmann, Cameron Dye and Matt Chrabott, Joe Gambles and Leon Griffin from Australia or the other strong Canadians Brent McMahon and Trevor Wurtele. "This is a high-class field," says Michael Raelert. He starts into the race with Bib number 3. "I hope that I can be right in the mix from the start."

Andreas Raelert is looking forward to make the next step on Sunday after his good start into the season at the Cannes International Triathlon. "I hope for Micha on Saturday”, he says, “hopefully he will have a really successful day and I can add another good performance in Buschhütten.” On Sunday, Andreas Raelert hits a fast course at one of the most famous Olympic-distance events in Germany and he wants to continue working on his shape regarding the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt on July 3rd. "The preparation for Frankfurt works out in a promising way," says Andreas Raelert, "I am satisfied with my current state of form." While his brother Michael recently prepared in Rostock before heading to the U.S., Andreas Raelert added short training camps in Freiburg, Germany, to work with Raelert-Brothers coach Wolfram Bott.

A few days before the upcoming race weekend, the Raelert-Brothers worked in the wind tunnel with the specialists of their partner Swiss Side. They tested some equipment in the wind tunnel in Immenstaad, Germany, and worked on the fine-tuning of some aerodynamic details. "Specific tests in the wind tunnel always give you important information where you have to improve," say Andreas and Michael Raelert. "We are very grateful to have such a competent partner on our side." After the successful wind tunnel tests, Michael on Saturday and Andreas on Sunday are really looking forward to bring on good race results.

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