9. Jul 2017


Michael Raelert has to drop out of Ironman Frankfurt

No lucky end at the Ironman European Championship – Cramps came up already during the swim – Problems prevented Rostockian from finishing the race

Frankfurt. The Ironman European Championship Frankfurt ended for Michael Raelert in a totally different way than he had hoped for. "Unfortunately, I could not finish the race today," said Michael Raelert full of disappointment. "I tried to stay in the competition for a long time, but I noticed early that it would be difficult to bring this race to the finishline.” Germany’s Sebastian Kienle won the Championship in 7:41:42 hours ahead of his fellow countryman Andreas Böcherer, who finished in 7:46:07 hours. Swedish Patrik Nilsson finished in third place in 7:50:16 hours. “Huge respect for Sebi, Andi and Patrik, they delivered a sensational race today," said Michael Raelert.

During the swim, Michael Raelert was among the favorites, who were initially together in a big chase group behind the strong swimmer Lukasz Wojt who set off to the front early. While Wojt was the first to come out of the Lake Waldsee Langen in 45:44 minutes, Michael Raelert was well placed in the group and reached T1 in 47:31 minutes in ninth place. "But I already had issues with cramps during the swim," he explained.

Once on the bike, the issues got bigger. Michael Raelert embarked on the 180 kilometer long course with pressure, but he could not keep the pace as high as he had planned. "Unfortunately, it was not easy today, I had to work hard to stay at my level." The cramps increased, the longer the race was going on. On the first kilometers of the second bike lap, it became difficult for Michael Raelert to think about finishing the race. "It was an extremely bitter decision, but at 130 kilometers I decided to drop out," he said. "This end of the competition hurts a lot, but I will come back," said Michael Raelert after the race. 

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