6. Apr 2013

Andreas and Michael Raelert embark on an exciting new year of triathlon

Team Raelert-Brothers with new partners

Rostock. Andreas and Michael Raelert embark on the new triathlon season not only full of motivation but also accompanied by a strong and powerful team. Not only have the Raelert-Brothers built up and intensified their fitness during several training camps in Germany and Europe for the competitions in 2013 but also the Team Raelert-Brothers has also advanced and improved through the support of new partners.

The Raelert-Brothers have attended training camps at the olympic base in Saarbrücken twice this year. It is here that they have established a close working relationship with the successful triathlon coach Wolfram Bott. Together they have set up a new partnership and a new training program. "We took the decision to work with Wolfram Bott to help us enter the next stage in our sporting progress", Andreas Raelert says. Wolfram Bott was a member of the coaching staff for the german national team during the past olympic period. "We are very pleased to be working together with Wolfram", Michael Raelert says, "the first sessions were already very inspiring and pioneering for the coming season."

In addition to refreshing training inspiration from Wolfram Bott there have been other major factors involved in the reinforcement of the Team Raelert-Brothers for the year 2013: "We are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a new partnership with Fitness First", Andreas and Michael Raelertb say. Fitness First is one of the leading companies for fitness and health care in Germany – with more than 80 clubs and approximately 270.000 members. Through this new partnership, the Team Raelert-Brothers has optimized even further. "We aim to achieve world-class performances – so we are very glad that we have the support of world-class partners", the Raelert-Brothers say.

Andreas and Michael Raelert will continue to work together with their successful and current partnerships. Thus, they remain closely connected to their important partner ERDINGER Alkoholfrei and continue to rely on the excellent competition and training bikes from BMC. In 2013 the Raelert-Brothers will continue to wear clothing and running shoes from K-Swiss for both training and competition. The Raelert-Brothers trust on the use of sports nutrition from PowerBar for training, competition and effective regeneration. The products from Rewimol enable the brothers to stay fit and healthy and to enter every new day with strength and vibrance.

"We are very thankful that we have partners who can provide us with excellent material and knowledge", the Raelert-Brothers say. That’s why Andreas and Michael Raelert also trust on the aerodynamic wheels of Easton cycling, on the helmets and shoes from Giro, on the functional eyewear from Oakley and on the excellent swimsuits, wetsuits and goggles from sailfish.

The partnership with Thomas Cook is especially important for Andreas and Michael Raelert. The leading tour operator helps them to reach all competition and training venues in the world of triathlon. "Since last year, we have also been working with the children's charity organization Help-for-Hope", Andreas Raelert says, "this is a very special partnership for us which goes far beyond the sport." Together with the Swiss NGO the Raelert-Brothers have devoted themselves to children in need. Since spring 2012, Andreas and Michael Raelert have been working for the project “Mike Möwenherz” together with Help-for-Hope. This project is dedicated to seriously ill children in the region of Rostock in particular those children with a terminal cancer disease. The project’s objective is to ensure that palliative care for children and adolescents be expanded in the home region of Andreas and Michael Raelert. "We want to be good ambassadors for these kids – as strong as possible."

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