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23. Jun 2014

Heilbronn, Germany

Andreas Raelert takes fourth place

Congratulations to team-mate Andreas Dreitz for the victory at the City-Triathlon – Freshness is missing on the challenging bike course after hard training weeks

Heilbronn. Andreas Raelert took fourth place at today’s City-Triathlon in Heilbronn. The world record holder on the Ironman-distance completed the middle-distance race including 2 km swimming, 70 km cycling and 15 km running in 3:04:36 hours. "I especially congratulate the winner Andreas Dreitz warmly,” said Andreas Raelert after the race, which was won by his team-mate from the Erdinger Alkoholfrei Team. Andreas Dreitz celebrated the victory in 2:56:38 hours thanks to an outstanding performance on the bike. Andreas Raelert crossed the finish line behind two-time Ironman 70.3 world champion Sebastian Kienle and Maurice Clavel from Germany. “I’m not satisfied with my result,” said Andreas Raelert, “the first part of the race was really promising, but on the bike I could not meet my own expectations. I was hoping that I can strongly fight for the title here in Heilbronn, but today freshness was missing.”


During the swim in the river Neckar, Andreas Raelert led the strong field of the City-Triathlon. He was first out of the water in 23:59 minutes. After Andreas Dreitz left T1 in third place, he directly and vehemently attacked on the first kilometers of the demanding bike course. "Today, I could not stand this pressure on the bike," said Andreas Raelert, "great respect for Andy that he was able to show such a strong performance."

Andreas Raelert directly came from his training camp at Lake Chiemsee to Heilbronn. He felt the high volume of training in recent weeks on the bike and added a bike split of 1:47:02 hours to his swim time. When he entered T2, he was in fourth position behind Andreas Dreitz, Sebastian Kienle and Maurice Clavel. "Unfortunately, the trend of my bike ride continued during the run, where I also was far away from my expectations, even if the spectators really pushed all of the athletes in Heilbronn", said Andreas Raelert. He ran the final 15 kilometers in 50:01 minutes and took fourth place. After the City-Triathlon in Heilbronn, Andreas Raelert directly traveled back to his training camp at Lake Chiemsee to go ahead with his preparation there.











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