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9. May 2015


Micha: Bitter disappointment in Mallorca

Thomas Cook Ironman 70.3 Mallorca ends totally different than hoped – Technical issue on the bike stops the leader – Andreas Dreitz takes the victory

Alcudia. Michael Raelert discovered a very disappointing result at the Thomas Cook Ironman 70.3 Mallorca. Due to a technical issue he lost the lead and a lot of time after only a few kilometers of the bike course. "I was extremely frustrated and discussed with myself if I should bring this race to the finish line at all," said Michael Raelert, "I was totally down, but I decided to finish." The 34-year old crossed the finish line after 4:48:29 hours at the beach of Alcudia and congratulated his teammate Andreas Dreitz from the Team ERDINGER Alkoholfrei full of respect. Andreas Dreitz celebrated his second Mallorca win in a row in 3:56:48 hours. Patrick Nilsson from Sweden took second place in 3:59:12 hours ahead of David Mcnamee (GBR), who finished in 3:59:43 hours.

"It is just bitter when you realize that you lose the race and you can’t do anything against it", said Michael Raelert later. He was in a perfect position when he started onto the challenging bike course. But after only four of 90 kilometers he hit a shard of glass. "The tire was slashed," he explained. At this time, he was in the lead after a good swim. Michael Raelert exited the water in 22:19 minutes in third place behind Erik Watson from Bahrain (22:12 minutes) and Swiss Manuel Küng (22:16). Thanks to a fast transition Michael Raelert was first on the bike. "I was ready and prepared for a hard and fast bike split.”

However, the massive puncture threw the leader not only far behind. This issue ruined the dream of his second Mallorca win after 2012. Michael got eventually back on his bike, but he was about 27 minutes behind the lead when he passed the next timing mat after 15 kilometers. "Mentally this is an extreme situation,” he said. “First, you're full of frustration and rage, then you start to think about the best things to do. You start asking yourself if it isn’t much better to ride back to the hotel and find a nice place at the beach for the rest of the day."

Michael Raelert decided to finish the race, managed the bike course in 2:58:47 hours and ran the half marathon in 1:22:41 hours. "Unfortunately, my race modus was turned off very early today," said Michael Raelert, "that's sports, you can’t predict what is going to happen in a race." Despite all the disappointment the Rostockian enjoyed the support of a great audience in Alcudia. The crowd was a huge help for Michael Raelert to finish this especially mentally tough race.









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