11. Oct 2015


Andreas Raelert wins silver medal at the Ironman Worlds

Strong comeback race in Kailua-Kona – Second place despite a flat tire on the bike course – Close battle in the marathon – Congratulations to winner Jan Frodeno

Kailua-Kona. Andreas Raelert has shown a strong comeback race at the 2015 Ironman World Championship in Hawaii after two difficult years. In his seventh race in Kailua-Kona, he won the silver medal in 8:17:43 hours. After a classic fight there was only the German winner Jan Frodeno ahead of him. Jan Frodeno took the title in 8:14:40 hours. US-American Tim O'Donnell ranked third in 8:18:50. "Jan was very strong today," said Andreas Raelert after the finish on the Alii Drive, "he showed the best performance, and he deserved this victory."

From the start, Andreas Raelert showed a highly concentrated way of racing and was in the middle of the lead group. Only Jan Frodeno, American Andy Potts and the New Zealander Dylan McNeice were able to open up a gap on the second half of the 3.86 kilometer long swim course. Dylan McNeice came in first place out of the water after 50:45 minutes, Andreas Raelert had a swim split of 52:24 minutes to exiting the water in ninth. On the bike, the fastest swimmers got caught after a few kilometers and Andreas Raelert remained in the lead group with more than a dozen athletes then. "Unfortunately, I had some bad luck on the bike today," said Andreas Raelert. Shortly after the leaders made the turn in Hawi, he had a flat tire on a fast downhill part of the course and crashed while he tried to slow his bike down. "I want to thank the mechanics in the neutral service car”, said Andreas Raelert, “they were there immediately and could help me.” Although the bike was fixed quite quickly, Andreas Raelert lost some time due to the fact that the US-American Tim O'Donnell had made a move just moments before Andreas Raelert flattened. "The timing of the flat tire was not really great," said Andreas Raelert, "but punctures never appear at the right time."

Andreas Raelert started into the marathon being 5:23 minutes down on leader Jan Frodeno. He finished the bike course of 180.2 kilometers with a split of 4:30:52 hours in 12th position. "I immediately tried to pick up a smart but fast run pace", said Andreas Raelert. Despite hot conditions, he kept moving fast. "In a race of eight hours, you never know what happens," he explained after the race, "that's why I hoped that I can still make it to the front."

Andreas Raelert moved into third place before he hit the half marathon mark. He passed the defending champion Sebastian Kienle for third place and made up more and more time on the leader Jan Frodeno. When the Top 3 reached the entry of the Energy Lab at kilometer 27, he had downsized the gap to Jan Frodeno to 2:45, Tim O'Donnell was only 60 seconds in front of him. "The heat was tremendous," said Andreas Raelert later. "I was not able to push my pace on the final kilometers" Five kilometers away from the finish line, he overtook Tim O’Donnell for second place. Andreas Raelert ran the second-fastest marathon time of the day in 2:50:02 hours. "After two difficult years, I am very happy that I'm back on the podium in Kona", said Andreas Raelert.




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