3. Jun 2018


Michael Raelert: Not the expected result in Samorin

Seventh place in a world-class field at the Challenge “The Championship” – Some issues come together in Slovakia – Training basis is okay, but race shape is missing

Samorin. Michael Raelert discovered a tough competition in a world class field at the Challenge "The Championship" Samorin. He couldn’t repeat his year’s podium finish in the fast race over the distance of 1.9 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling and 21.1 kilometers of running and eventually ranked seventh in 3:51:17 hours. "It was somehow not working out for me today, from the beginning to the end many small negative details summed up. There were too many minor issues to race successful in such a strong field," Michael Raelert said after the race in Slovakia. In 3:43:28 hours, the Canadian Lionel Sanders won the competition as in the year before. Sebastian Kienle finished second in 3:44:32 hours ahead of his German compatriot Florian Angert who ranked third in 3:47:22 hours.

The two-time Olympian Richard Varga from Slovakia took advantage of his swimming talent and led the field into T1 as the local hero. In 24:42 minutes, he exited the water as a soloist, Florian Angert followed in 25:22 minutes. "Unfortunately, a kick hit me early in the swim and moreover I injured a finger," said Michael Raelert, "that can always happen in such a tight field. This time, I unfortunately lost my goggles and at some points of the swim orientation, too." Michael Raelert came out of the water in tenth place in 25:52 minutes.

On the bike, Michael Raelert rode solid in the lead pack and was in fifth place after 45 kilometers. But when the decisive attack of Lionel Sanders and Sebastian Kienle took place during the last third of the course, he could not go with their pace. "When Lionel and Sebi passed me, I just couldn’t give the right punch to pick up their pace." After a weaker swim, Lionel Sanders and Sebastian Kienle laid the foundation of their eventual run-battle on the final kilometers of the bike course. Michael Raelert came off the bike in 2:02:21 hours and was in eighth place at this point. On the way into transition, he received a 30-seconds penalty because he jumped off his bike behind the dismount line.

"On the run, I could not do anything decisive today," said Michael Raelert. He ran the half marathon in 1:18:02 hours. "Today, a lot of things did not work out," said Michael Raelert, "the basis of my training is okay, but I can’t bring it together in competition momentarily."


Foto: James Mitchell Photography, Ironman EC 2017, Elsinore

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