2. Oct 2015


Andreas Raelert – With the ultimate aero package for Kona

Formula 1 technology has reached Triathlon! As part of the preparations for the Ironman World Championships in Kona (USA) on 10th October 2015, Andreas Raelert (39), leading triathlete and world record holder, will benefit from unique know-how direct from Formula 1 motorsport.

Thanks to his sponsors Swiss Side and CUBE, Andy Raelert will head to the starting line in Hawaii with the ultimate aerodynamic package - including a brand new top level CUBE time trial bike directly from the wind tunnel!

Swiss Side, the Swiss aero wheel brand and Raelert-Brothers partner, consists of an expert engineering team with over 50 years combined experience in Formula 1 motorsport. Already during this season, the Raelert Brothers have invested significant time in aerodynamic optimization, including development sessions in the GST Wind Tunnel in Immenstaad am Bodensee, Germany.

As part of the aerodynamic development process derived directly from Formula 1, detailed CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics) as well as measurements with the unique Instrumented Bike, which is based on the CUBE Aerium C:62, have also been performed. The Swiss Side team has specialised itself not only in the development of aerodynamic wheels but also in the optimization of the complete bike and rider system. The methods used by Swiss Side’s aerodynamicists are absolutely unique and ground breaking in the cycling industry. “The F1 CFD methods we bring are the absolute most advanced and our Instrumented Bike on-road measurement system is totally unique to cycling,“ says Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side technical director.

The development work with Andreas Raelert has successfully delivered significant aerodynamic gains. His rider position as well as his equipment setup such as helmet, apparel, shoes and drink bottle configuration have all been optimised.

The highlight of the comprehensive bike and rider optimisation is the new lightning fast CUBE Time Trial Bike, enhanced with ultimate aerodynamics. Andreas Raelert will launch into the bike Kona leg on this new amazing looking stealth bullet.

Bernd Schenkl, head of engineering from CUBE, says: “The new bike is light and stiff with the advanced twin mold carbon frame. This frame is market leading in its form, with an extreme geometry transferring each and every pedal stroke into pure speed. At the same time, the bike modularity ensures the possibility for every rider to make their individual setup. Our goal is to build the most aerodynamic bike on the market. With this new bike we did a huge step forward to achieve our goal.”

This is also a massive boost for Andreas Raelert: “The new bike is a significant step forwards in performance. My partners, CUBE and Swiss Side, have delivered me the best possible equipment and setup so that nothing is left to chance.“

The Raelerts new time trial bike is equipped with the Swiss Side HADRON Ultimate 800+ wheels, independently confirmed to be one of the world’s best aerodynamic wheel sets. Swiss Side wheels are naturally also developed with the same outstanding methods directly from Formula 1.

More information under www.cube.eu and www.swissside.com

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