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20. Nov 2013


Andy starts at the Ironman Western Australia

World record holder on the Ironman-distance wants to fight for the title on December 8th in Busselton – A first step on the way to Kona 2014

Busselton. On Sunday, December 8th, Andreas Raelert starts into the final long-distance triathlon race of the year. The 37-year wants to end his season with a good result at the Ironman Western Australia.

The race in Busselton should bring an enjoyable end of the season for Andreas Raelert. At the Ironman Hawaii the German was not able to finish a triathlon race for the first time in his entire career due to a pinched nerve. "It took some time to handle with that," says Andreas Raelert looking back. After four podium finishes in Kona he was one of the favorites, but then the problems occurred right from the start of the bike leg. Early on the bike he felt numbness in his left leg, but then the problems continued to increase. The world record holder on the Ironman-distance could not feel his leg anymore after about 90 kilometers. In the second transition zone, he eventually had to quit the race. "It was a great disappointment to experience this situation in the most important race of the year," says Andreas Raelert.

After the disappointment on Hawaii, Andreas Raelert soon decided, that he does not want to end the season this way. Back at home in Rostock, the two-time silver medalist at the Ironman World Championships quickly focused on his training and a new goal. "My form was still good, when I arrived in Germany, and on this basis we were able to build up a good level," says Andreas Raelert. Together with his coach Wolfram Bott, he started planning for an Ironman during the winter period. Finally Andreas Raelert decided to start in Australia.

At 5:30 a.m. local time the race in Busselton will start on Sunday, December 8th. It’s the tenth anniversary of the Ironman Western Australia, and Andreas Raelert wants to fight for the title. "My preparation was good," says the Ironman European Champion of 2010, "although the weather conditions in Rostock differed significantly from the temperatures that await me in Australia." The 37-year old has done a good setup for the race thanks to specific training sessions in the water, on the bike and on the run. Andreas Raelert expects a fast race from the start at the historic pier Busselton Jetty. The 1600 participants will enter a more or less flat three-lap bike course and a four-lap marathon.

Andreas Raelert would like to lay the basis for the year 2014 with a successful race in Busselton. "Next year, the focus of the season is again on the Ironman Hawaii,” says Andreas Raelert, "the goal of Michael and me is that we both would like to stay at the starting line in Kona again next October." Andreas Raelert wants to collect important points for the Kona Pro Ranking in Australia.





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