5. Jun 2013

Summer sweepstake of Raelert-Brothers partner sailfish – Participate live in the Raelert-Brothers-Lounge or online – Limited G-Range edition for every winner

Win an exclusive Raelert-Brothers package with sailfish

Rostock. Not only Michael Raelert and Andreas Raelert can become winners this summer. Also, all participants in the summer sweepstake of Raelert-Brothers partner sailfish can win now. All winners will earn one of 100 limited sailfish G-Range Raelert-Brothers packages worth € 699.

All participants can win exclusive prizes from sailfish at races in the summer season and even online. There will be the first sweepstake at Sparkasse Challenge Kraichgau next weekend: Until Saturday participants can take part in the raffle at the Raelert-Brothers-Lounge. After that there are more occasions to win: at the Ironman 70.3 Berlin on June 23, at the Ironman Austria in Klagenfurt on June 30 and at the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt on July 7 July. It is easy to participate: Simply fill out an entry card at the events in the Raelert-Brothers-Lounge and place it into the lottery box. The winners will be drawn at the events.

In parallel runs an online sweepstake until 30 June, in which a special question should be answered correctly and simply mailed to sailfish@raelert-brothers.com. The winners will be officially announced on the Facebook page both of sailfish and of the Raelert-Brothers. The question is: Which Ironman have Andreas and Michael Raelert raced together for the first time?

All winners can expect a limited Raelert-Brothers package with exclusive high-end products of sailfish. It includes a sailfish G-Range wetsuit, Raelert-Brothers goggles, a specially designed swim cap, a chip belt and a race number belt.

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