27. Jan 2018


Raelert-Brothers start together into the season 2018

Successful training camp of the team ERDINGER Alkoholfrei for Andreas and Michael Raelert in Lanzarote - Important kilometers for the upcoming months

Lanzarote. The Raelert-Brothers have started the new season with a joint training camp. Together with the other athletes of the team ERDINGER Alkoholfrei, Andreas and Michael Raelert completed good sessions in all disciplines under the sun of Lanzarote. "We can be satisfied with this first block of the year," says Michael Raelert after leaving Lanzarote, "training has been good and as well the spirit of the team training and our off-training meetings." His brother Andreas also looks very confident after the camp at the Club La Santa. "For us, the ERDINGER Alkoholfrei team camp was a really successful start into the new year. It makes us want more."

The Raelert-Brothers have finished the year 2017 with some solid basic training in their home region. "Now we want to build on that," says Andreas Raelert who already completed a first training camp in Lanzarote in December. Now he added another important block in Lanzarote. "It's always hard to tell where you stand so early in a new season. But the first feeling is good, the training has gone well," says the Rostockian. After a challenging year 2017, Andreas Raelert has been able to lay the basis in recent weeks to tackle his goals in 2018. "My primary focus is to try to show my best performance at the Ironman Hawaii," says Andreas Raelert. "Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to compete in Kona last year. Accordingly, it is important to me to reach the goal I missed last October. I want to be in a very good physical and mental condition at the Ironman World Championship." Andreas Raelert favors a first competition at an early stage of the new season thanks to promising current training and performance data.

Michael Raelert also wants to complete his first competitions at an early stage of the year. After a long training camp in Thailand at the end of 2017, the ERDINGER Alkoholfrei team camp in Lanzarote also meant a first serious test of his form. "I am not yet in perfect shape, but on a very good and solid path," says Michael Raelert, "it's incredibly fun to test yourself and the boys in the training group."

Currently, the Raelert-Brothers are working on their training and as well on a first competition schedule for the upcoming months. The positive development of the past weeks make Andreas and Michael Raelert think about starting into the year 2018 with an early highlight race. The ERDINGER Alkoholfrei team camp fueled the Raelert-Brothers with motivation.

Foto © James Mitchell /Club La Santa

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